Our planned and on-going forest harvest in Digby County follows all current provincial Special Management Practices (SMP) identified for mainland moose. The SMP was created by the Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry biologists based on science including recommendations from the Nova Scotia Mainland Moose Recovery Team.

Contrary to recent media reports, the preservation of an iconic species like the mainland moose is very important to us. The planned and on-going harvest in Digby County, like all of our harvests, receives approval based on compliance to provincial Mainland Moose Special Management Practices and all other block approval requirements.

With the implementation of moose shelter patches, moose retention patches, moose buffers, roads and access points, as well as coarse woody debris targets, habitat issues are being addressed through  the Mainland Moose SMP. The mainland moose issue is complex and involves many more pressing threats, including brainworm, winter tick, and poaching.

This area has been portrayed in the media as intact old growth forests when in fact the area has been sustainably managed since the late 1800’s. It is the economic backbone of the community and has been for multiple generations of forest professionals. Forest workers, their families, and the local communities have benefitted from the sustainable forest management in the area for generations. This area is also the back yard for many individuals in Digby County. Forestry has provided the necessary infrastructure for accessing the area and will continue to provide a safe area for people to hike, fish, gather, and enjoy the outdoors. Forestry and the mainland moose can co-exist here as they do in many other areas across North America.

We were happy with the result of Friday’s hearing. While we appreciate the concern and passion of the protestors in Digby, we continue to believe that a responsible forest industry can be balanced with the need to protect our natural environment, including endangered species.


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The WestFor Management Team