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Forestry Family – December Edition

It is an absolutely beautiful day as I drive towards the all too familiar woodlot. I have spent a few camping trips and tree donations at this place. Welcome to the Walden Woodlot Christmas Tree lot!   As I pull in I am met by three smiling children chasing a little puppy.   I spend […]

Forestry Family – November Edition

Every forestry family has to start somewhere. While we know a lot of forestry families in our province that are generations old, every legacy has to start somewhere. The beginning of this legacy is known as Kyle Ogilvie.   I won’t lie and say it was a beautiful drive today as it was a typical […]

Forestry Family – October Edition

  I am feeling exceptionally happy for the beautiful fall weather we’ve been having as I take the long haul down to Weymouth, NS.   As I approach the mill, it looks a little different than the last time I had visited. The forestry sector has had a rough few years and our mills are […]

Forestry Family – September Edition

Nova Scotia is so beautiful in the fall and today is no exception. There are hundreds of colors in the leaves as I pull into the South Canoe Wind Farm in western Nova Scotia. When writing these articles I am supposed to be unbiased, all families equal, but I have made a friend today who […]

Forestry Family – August Edition

It is another beautiful (yet muggy) day in Nova Scotia as I approach a true South Shore treasure. If you are from the South Shore, it would be quite rare to not know owner/operator of Back Country Farm & Forestry, Jeremy Simpson. Jeremy, his wife Mandie, and their three kids can be found spreading smiles […]

Forestry Family – July Edition

This months forestry family is one that is quite under represented in our sector. Paige Handspiker is a 27 year old power house. Born and raised in Bear River, NS this young women has started working with one of this province’s finest road builders, Dean Orde. As we pull one of our four legged staffers […]

Forestry Family – June Edition

Today was a good day. Despite the weather reaching temperatures of over 35 degrees and deer flies big enough to carry me away, I got to go to the woods with two people who love it even more than I do. It is not very often that I get to spend a day with a […]

Forestry Family – May Edition

It is the first time we have seen sun all week as I pull up the Hartlen’s driveway. I am thrilled to be spending our first day of looser restrictions grabbing a chair in the garage with these two smiling faces. As I bring out my pen and paper I can’t help but think how […]

Forestry Family – March Edition

Elmsdale Lumber Company (ELCO) is located in Elmsdale, NS. Growing up ELCO was basically in my backyard. I have to say I am embarrassed for not knowing much about the mill as I hadn’t come from a forestry family. I had known of them due to their countless hours of volunteering and support within the community but […]

Forestry Family – February Edition

We as a sector are proud of the deep rich history that comes from generations of hard-working forest workers. While we are so lucky to have years and years of generational forestry knowledge it is not as often that we hear about new young companies popping up in the sector. This interview is a reminder […]