Welcome to WestFor Management Inc.

WestFor was established in 2016 by the Provincial Government to increase the efficiency of forest management on Crown Land in Nova Scotia. We assist 13 mills in their day to day operations while also assisting the government, the people, and the forests. Our goal is to practice sustainable forestry that benefits future generations to come, both environmentally and economically.

At WestFor we strive to find the midway point of economy and environment. Forestry generates 2 billion dollars into Nova Scotia’s economy each year and on crown land we only harvest 0.6% of the forest annually!

We support rural communities that rely heavily on forestry. The forestry industry in the province of Nova Scotia directly employs 6,100 people and indirectly employees 5,400 people which in total helps those 11,500 individuals and their loved ones.

Whether it’s the paper you send your office memos out on, the toilet paper you stock your bathrooms with, or the building you are in, your business needs forestry!

When managing land, it is up to the land owner to decide how that area will be treated. For a private woodlot owner, it is normally one individual whose objectives need to be met. As a group that manages land for the government, the people, and the trees, there are multiple values that need to be met. We do our best to meet the social, environmental, and economic values of Crown land. We do this by partnering with many different organizations and having a wide variety of key stakeholders and board members.

We try to meet our SOCIAL VALUES by maintaining logging roads for ATVs, fishing and hunting access, and for the enjoyment of the general public. We also try to help others benefit from the land, for example, by helping clear portage routes from the 1910’s or by building an outdoor classroom to help further children’s education.

We try to meet the ENVIRONMENTAL VALUES by practicing sustainable forestry and changing treatments over time to better the land for healthy water quality and wildlife. We also have teamed up with other groups and individuals on different projects to help better our understanding and evolve our forest practices.

We try to meet our ECONOMIC VALUES by harvesting Crown land to produce revenue into the province as well as supporting many communities with direct employment and products every Nova Scotian uses on a daily basis.

Practicing sustainable forestry is one of our main management objectives. As stewards of the land, it is important to us that the forests we manage continue to be a renewable resource for future generations to come.

See our harvesting areas.

The species at risk (SAR) list is continuously growing due to global warming, industrialization, and development. At WestFor we try to manage the crown lands in ways that benefit, not only species at risk, but all wildlife more than the forestry industry used too.

Some ways we are doing this are through treatment changes for better connectivity, informed staff & contractors, and proper pre-planning.

Lastly, we follow all the governments Special Management Practices (SMP) to make sure that wildlife and their habitat are being cared for.

We are always trying to better our forest practices for species at risk and the best way to do that is to look at things from many different perspectives! So, if you have any ideas or projects that you think may help benefit a species at risk please feel free to contact communications@2706n.hosts.cx.

“No one cares more about the forests than the people who take care of it.”


Marcus Zwicker

Marcus Zwicker

General Manager

I reside in Bridgewater, NS with my wife Kate, sons Mason, Harrison and daughter Lucille. I am currently a Registered Professional Forester, private woodlot owner, and Christmas tree grower. My passion for forestry started at 10 years old when I began working in the forest industry with my father and grandfather. I worked with their contracting business and on their Christmas tree lot. Over the past 20 years or so, I have worked in the forests of Atlantic Canada for, but not limited to, Turner and Turner Lumber Ltd, Looke Cancut, JD Irving Ltd in various roles across NB and NS from 2006 until 2016 including mill manager and operations superintendent.

- Graduated from New Germany Rural High
School, 2001
- UNB BSc Forestry/Economics, 2006
- University of Western Ontario MBA, 2012

Spencer Coulstring

Spencer Coulstring

Community Engagement Coordinator

After working on the West Coast as an environmental technician in natural resources I can say that I am very happy to be back on the East Coast where forestry is done right! Working for WestFor allows me to exercise my passion for sustainable and ecological forestry in so many different ways. I am lucky to work and partner with, as well as learn from, so many amazing people in Natural Resources.

Education: Mount Saint Vincent University (major in Biology, minor in Public Relations & Communications)

Keenan Sutherland

Keenan Sutherland

Geographic Information Systems

As a GIS professional working with a small forestry company like WestFor provides me with a lot of variety in what I’m working on; that includes everything from sizing a culvert to creating harvest plan maps for half the province.

- St. Mary’s University Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology (honours in Archaeological Predictive Modeling)
- Centre of Geographic Sciences Advanced diploma in GIS for business

Maureen McKellar

Maureen McKellar

Accounts & Payroll Administrator

Prior to moving to Nova Scotia, I held a variety of progressive I.T. Management positions in the Education, Entertainment and Retail industries, in Boston and Toronto. Although I am new to Forestry, I have thoroughly enjoyed working in one of Nova Scotia’s mainstay industries, learning new skills and meeting an array of conscientious and hard working people. I consider myself fortunate to be working for such a responsible and sustainability-minded Forestry leader like WestFor.

- Liberal Arts Degree, Harvard University
- Extension School, Cambridge, MA. Masters
- Project Management, York University
Schulich School of Business, Toronto, ON

Makyle McLellan

Makyle McLellan

Forest Operations Planner

Coming from New Brunswick, I was
surrounded by forestry from a young age.
I’ve always had a passion for the outdoors,
and this was only further fostered by my
participation in Scouts, which still is very
dear to my heart. With my heart set on
working in the forest industry, I attended
the Maritime College of Forest Technology.
This launched me into my career at WestFor. I am immensely proud to be apart of a company that takes sustainable forestry to heart. In my free time, I love mountain biking, photography, and being outdoors. Forestry is my passion, and I strive to manage the forest, so generations to come can enjoy it.

Maritime College of Forest Technology,
Diploma in Forest Technology