Our planned and on-going forest harvest in Digby County follows all current provincial Special Management Practices (SMP) identified for mainland moose. The SMP was created by the Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry biologists based on science including recommendations from the Nova Scotia Mainland Moose Recovery Team.

Contrary to recent media reports, the preservation of an iconic species like the mainland moose is very important to us. The planned and on-going harvest in Digby County, like all of our harvests, receives approval based on compliance to provincial Mainland Moose Special Management Practices and all other block approval requirements.

With the implementation of moose shelter patches, moose retention patches, moose buffers, roads and access points, as well as coarse woody debris targets, habitat issues are being addressed through  the Mainland Moose SMP. The mainland moose issue is complex and involves many more pressing threats, including brainworm, winter tick, and poaching.

This area has been portrayed in the media as intact old growth forests when in fact the area has been sustainably managed since the late 1800’s. It is the economic backbone of the community and has been for multiple generations of forest professionals. Forest workers, their families, and the local communities have benefitted from the sustainable forest management in the area for generations. This area is also the back yard for many individuals in Digby County. Forestry has provided the necessary infrastructure for accessing the area and will continue to provide a safe area for people to hike, fish, gather, and enjoy the outdoors. Forestry and the mainland moose can co-exist here as they do in many other areas across North America.

We were happy with the result of Friday’s hearing. While we appreciate the concern and passion of the protestors in Digby, we continue to believe that a responsible forest industry can be balanced with the need to protect our natural environment, including endangered species.


If you have any comments please feel welcomed to email them to us at communications@westfor.org!



The WestFor Management Team


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  1. Robert Bright
    Robert Bright says:

    Westfor lies like a cheap rug. Lands and Forestry and the NS Provincial Govt was ordered by the NS Supreme Court’s, Justice Brothers, to obey its own Endangered Species Laws (which they’ve refused to do.) You saying you’re following NS’s endangered moose policy is just an acknowledgement that you’re following a criminal government’s lead in breaking Environmental Laws. You’re all a pack of liars and corporate criminals.

    • Lynn
      Lynn says:

      I totally agree with Robert Bright. Westfor is destroying the lands of N.S. clearcutting in every corner of NS too. No regard for any of our Forested Animals. Especially the Mainland Moose.

  2. Billy Mundane
    Billy Mundane says:

    The issue isn’t the fact that you have government approval. It doesn’t reassure me that, “The SMP was created by the Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry biologists based on science.” Especially when its the DLF’s science. The DLF is a joke, just because they ok your clear cuts doesn’t make them ok. Also, calling your clear cuts “harvests” is also very miss leading when you replace these forests with monoculture soft wood. Yes, we know that you follow government protocols, thats not the issue. Your issue here is that you claim that the laws are sufficient enough for an ecologically based forestry system. When in fact, anyone with any knowledge of forestry practices and research (like yourselves) would know this isn’t the case. Stop peddaling for this government and get on board with what the vast majority of this province wants. We want ecological forestry, you can either help this province get there, or you will fall by the wayside. Your decision.

  3. David Patriquin
    David Patriquin says:

    I sent this message to your contact address yesterday: “I read your moose news statement. Given the importance you attach to moose, I assume you have an organized systems for recording and reporting occurrence of moose on all lands accessed by westFor members. Can you make that system public, and the results? That would lend some credibility to your assertions. Thx”

  4. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Westfor is nothing but a Sleezy Company destroying the forests and every living thing in it. Marcus Zwicker is a Scary Human with too much Piwer. It’s time these types of Ignorant humans are removed


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