Nova Scotia is so beautiful in the fall and today is no exception. There are hundreds of colors in the leaves as I pull into the South Canoe Wind Farm in western Nova Scotia.

When writing these articles I am supposed to be unbiased, all families equal, but I have made a friend today who has taken the cake on my favorite contractor. I would like to introduce you to our September Forestry Family, Josh, his wife Emily, and their daughter Sadie. Meet the Millett’s.

As I walk up to the family I am greeted by three smiling faces and a sleeping doll. I ask Josh why he decided to get into forestry.

“I grew up with it” he says. “I have been in the woods for as long as I can remember. I am actually the sixth generation forestry worker in my family” he responds with a smile. “I was asking my grandfather about it the other day and he said that as far back as he could remember, so it could be even more but sixth generation for sure.”

I ask Josh what he would be doing in the woods when he was younger.

“Well, after school or on the weekends I would be in the log truck or hoping on my bike and riding up to the sawmill” he responds. “My Dad had a really great crew who were very patient with me and taught me all kinds.”

I ask Josh where he grew up.

“I grew up in Chester Grant, so I went to school in New Ross and high school at Forest Heights.”

I turn to Emily and ask her the same question.

“Same, we actually met in high school. We have been together since 2006 and I think that is when I got into forestry.”

I ask Emily what she does.

“I actually work at Maibec and I keep the books for our business” she say smiling.

I have to comment about how commendable it is that Emily basically works two full-time jobs.

“Three actually if you include taking care of that handful” Josh adds pointing to four-year-old Sadie who is playing with her baby doll on the parts trailer.

Knowing that Josh started out working with his Dad, Kyle Millett, I ask when he went out on his own and started his own business.

“Well I bought my first truck and trailer in 2015. I then got my first harvester and forwarder in 2019 and just got the newest harvester this year.”

“You also got the float in 2020” Emily adds.

I ask how many people he has on his crew.

“We have four people at Forest Hill Logging” Josh responds.

Here it comes, my favorite question! I ask Josh and Emily how they like working together.

“Oh, its great” Josh says without hesitation.

“We actually make a really good team” Emily adds.

I have to agree with Emily. Watching them interact, for the short period of time that I was there for, it was easy to see that their partnership through marriage, parenthood, and business is wonderful. They have a beautiful respect for each other.

Now that I am feeling all warm and fuzzy, I ask them what their favorite part of the job is?

“I don’t know” Josh says straight faced. I panic for a quick second.

“What’s not to like” he answers with a big smile. “I get to work outside every. single. day. It doesn’t get any better than that. I still work in the machines daily, that really helps melt away all stress as well.”

“Honestly” Emily begins “I love watching him go out the door excited to go to work. It’s like what they say “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” That is this job for Josh. The thing that really makes it so great is the crew. We truly have the best crew. Your business can’t be successful without good guys and we are so grateful for ours.”

I turn to Sadie and ask her what her favorite part of going to the woods with her parents is.

“The machines” she says giggling.

What is your favorite machine?

“The harvester” she says once again giggling. (I have to say her laughter is quite contagious).

I ask (now also giggling) what she wants to be when she grows up.

“A WITCH!” she answers without a single second of hesitation.

“That’s for Halloween” Emily answers, also now laughing.

I ask the Millett’s if they hope for Sadie to someday follow in their footsteps.

“We would love to build something to pass down to Sadie someday” answers Emily.

“Obviously we would support her with whatever she chose but I have to say, I think this is in her blood” Josh says with adoring eyes looking at the four year old powerhouse swinging from his hand.

“She already drives in the machines and gases them up” Emily adds. “She has been in the truck since she was in a car seat. We used to joke that it’d put her to sleep.”

Now, like I said before, I am not supposed to have a favorite contractor but if Sadie isn’t yours after reading this story, then I haven’t done my job.

I am so proud to be able to work in a sector with truly magnificent people like the Millett’s. The passion that they have for their business, each other, and their daughter is unmatched. Sadie will become a strong, unstoppable woman because of the love and opportunity that is given to her. Great people raising even better ones; Thank you Josh and Emily for making our industry, and our province, a little better!

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