It is an absolutely beautiful day as I drive towards the all too familiar woodlot. I have spent a few camping trips and tree donations at this place. Welcome to the Walden Woodlot Christmas Tree lot!   As I pull in I am met by three smiling children chasing a little puppy.   I spend […]

Every forestry family has to start somewhere. While we know a lot of forestry families in our province that are generations old, every legacy has to start somewhere. The beginning of this legacy is known as Kyle Ogilvie.   I won’t lie and say it was a beautiful drive today as it was a typical […]

  I am feeling exceptionally happy for the beautiful fall weather we’ve been having as I take the long haul down to Weymouth, NS.   As I approach the mill, it looks a little different than the last time I had visited. The forestry sector has had a rough few years and our mills are […]