Here at WestFor we are thankful for the many proud, passionate, hard-working men and women that contribute to the forest sector. We would like to take the next 12 months to highlight 12 families that are a part of the sustainable forestry practices that happen in our province. We would like to start with Wade […]

Today is World Forestry Day! It has been a rough year for our sector across the country from mill closures to false information spread over social media. While there are a lot of misconceptions and personal attacks on social media about forest workers, we thought today would be a great day to remind everyone that […]

Rural communities feel more like home because of establishments such as The Hollow Log Café. The Hollow Log Café has been located in Caledonia, rural Nova Scotia, since September 17, 2012. It is run by a forestry family in a forestry community. It is a popular stop for truckers, operators, and forest techs a like […]