Today was a good day. Despite the weather reaching temperatures of over 35 degrees and deer flies big enough to carry me away, I got to go to the woods with two people who love it even more than I do. It is not very often that I get to spend a day with a […]

It is the first time we have seen sun all week as I pull up the Hartlen’s driveway. I am thrilled to be spending our first day of looser restrictions grabbing a chair in the garage with these two smiling faces. As I bring out my pen and paper I can’t help but think how […]

Elmsdale Lumber Company (ELCO) is located in Elmsdale, NS. Growing up ELCO was basically in my backyard. I have to say I am embarrassed for not knowing much about the mill as I hadn’t come from a forestry family. I had known of them due to their countless hours of volunteering and support within the community but […]