Today is World Forestry Day!

It has been a rough year for our sector across the country from mill closures to false information spread over social media. While there are a lot of misconceptions and personal attacks on social media about forest workers, we thought today would be a great day to remind everyone that the individuals that work in the forest sector are real people! They are people who are highly educated with student loan debts, people who spend their weekends walking in the woods with their families and pets, and people who are involved in their communities whether its providing for local economies or volunteering with children’s sports team or scout groups.
We have spent a lot of time highlighting our contractors and mill members on our Facebook page but today we thought it would be fit to shine a little light on one of our own staffers.

This week we had one of our field staff out doing Pre-Treatment Assessments’s (PTA). In one of our proposed harvest areas he found a stand that looked a lot like old growth. He then spent the rest of the day mapping ATV trails and brooks within the area to make sure they would have the proper buffer and went home to return the next day with the equipment he needed to do an old growth survey.

Everyone meet Makyle! Makyle is a MCFT grad who has spent his whole life in the woods. He loves spending time in the forest whether its during work hours or not. When he isn’t running around doing PTA’s, layout, old growth surveys, post harvest inspections, road inspections, regeneration surveys, PCT surveys, or supervising an operation he is mountain biking in the woods, hiking/camping with his amazing girlfriend in the woods, or taking photos of, you guessed it, the woods. Turns out the stand was old growth and Makyle has protected it and has taken it out of the proposed harvest area.

If you know someone in the forest sector, reach out to them today to let them know you are thinking of them! #forestersarepeopletoo

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